Nachi Cocom

Today Nachi Cocom refers to the beautiful beach area on the island of Cozumel located only a few minutes south of the downtown area. This area is named after Nachi Cocom who was the regional ruler of Sotuta, near the present day city of Merida, during the Spanish conquest period. Although he opposed the Spanish until the late 1540’s Nachi Cocom was later converted to Christianity and baptized as Juan Cocom. He ruled Sotuta until the time of his death around 1562.

Three centuries later the state of Yucatan elected Felipe Carrillo Puerto–a progressive who supported rights for women and indigenous Mayan people– who was rumored to be a descendant of Mayan ruler Nachi Cocom.

Nachi Cocom offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area of Cozumel. Pristine beaches, world class resorts, and water sports to satisfy every appetite; and for those adventuresome newlyweds, perhaps a honeymoon in Mexico!

Cozumel Map
Map of Cozumel

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